Welcome to Villa Acidalia...

A historical and preservable building complex on the island of Lefkada

Enjoy your vacation in a lovely and peaceful place...

Acidalia  - Welcome

A historical and preservable building complex on the island of Lefkada

Villa Acidalia, so named after an epithet of the goddess Aphrodite, is located at the village of Katouna on the island of Lefkada.

It lies some 15 kilometers from ancient Aktion and Nikopolis, the city founded by Emperor Augustus.

The villa can accommodate up to 8 people  in the main and the attached building.

It has a lovely garden and a pool and its two balconies offer a view of the island and the channel dividing it from the continent.

Acidalia  - The Villa

We have everything prepared for you!

The villa is a historical building complex constructed in the 19th century and  totally renovated by the owner in 2010.

It is located on a hill in the quiet village of Katouna, surrounded by trees and offering great views of the sea from the two balconies.

The unique benefits of villa Acidalia are:

- The preservable building complex which bears memories of local and Ionian architecture, history and tradition..

- The location which is totally isolated and quiet  in its natural surroundings but very close to everything!

- The fully independent studio which gives you the advantage of  privacy between your own group of people!

The Villa

Acidalia  - Location

Lefkada is accessible from continental Greece via a floating bridge over the channel. It is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, covered from end to end and top to shore with olive trees and other kinds of vegetation and possessing numerous celebrated, award-winning beaches. 

The village of Katouna lies approximately seven kilometers from the town of Lefkada and is literally immersed in olive trees.

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